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Established in 2021, Collar Group is the fastest-growing recruitment agency in Australia. With 11 offices Australia-wide and more than 104 staff, with a combined 400 years of recruitment experience, Collar has achieved some remarkable accomplishments in a short period of time.

Collar Group has more than 100 national clients and a database of more than 1,250,000 industry-specific candidates - both active and passive.

Our customers’ and employees’ health and well-being are our highest priority. Collar Group are ISO 9001 & 45001 certified for Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety. Additionally, we have received gold certification for “Investors in People” and are officially certified as “A Great Place to Work” and a “Family Friendly Workplace”.

Our CEO, Ephram Stephenson, proactively fosters a supportive and rewarding career path for everyone in the company. Ephram was awarded CEO Magazine’s “Start-up Executive of the Year” in 2022. As an 18-year industry leader himself, Ephram established the Collar Group on the very foundation that Collar is not just another agency, we do recruitment differently. We are changing the way the recruitment industry works.


We’re excited to reshape the recruitment industry



We pride ourselves on bringing together the best of the best. Our team is made up of the most experienced recruiters who are well respected within the industry, in no small part because of their collaborative nature. We understand that no one person is bigger than the team as a whole, which is why we hand-pick all of our employees with team cohesiveness in mind. By pooling our strengths and working together on every placement, we’ve become the agency that clients want to work with solely because of our people.



We believe that we’re only as good as our last placement. It’s this mentality that keeps us accountable to our clients and candidates alike. By benchmarking ourselves on each new project, our service has nowhere to go but up. We encourage continuous learning, ensure that we’re always abiding by the RCSA guidelines, and constantly strive to improve at everything that we do, aiming to be the most customer-centric recruiter in Australia.



We’re not about the flashy stuff. You’ll find no skyscrapers with the Collar name or pricy retreats for our higher-ups. We believe in keeping things simple and forever appreciating the amazing opportunity in front of us - to become the greatest recruiting agency in Australia. Not the greatest because of our profit margins, but because we treat everyone with the respect they deserve. This approach is what has attracted our team of humble recruiters to us, helping us create a community and culture to be proud of and grateful for.



We value the wellbeing of our people above all else. The way we see it, all companies have a duty of care to their employees’ wellbeing, no matter where they are based or what they do. We choose to lead by example, prioritising our team’s and candidates’ well-being in every aspect of the way we do business. From being Great Place To Work-Certified and working towards the Family Friendly Workplaces Accreditation, we’re the most accredited recruitment agency in Australia.



Safety is at the forefront of everything we do. Every day we place candidates in physically taxing roles. This is why we work so closely in partnership with our clients to understand the specific needs of the workplace, position descriptions and the level of risk our candidates may be exposed to. Alongside holding the ISO accreditation for Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety, we choose to go beyond industry standards. We provide our candidates with additional PPE garments, access to heating and cooling, extensive training, and anything else they may need to feel comfortable and safe throughout their placement.



Respect is the common thread linking all of our values and shaping the way we approach everything here at Collar. Internally and externally, we treat everybody with the same high level of respect regardless of title or standing. Our respect for our clients, candidates, and fellow teammates is what inspires us to encourage collaboration, champion accountability, stay humble, prioritise wellbeing and ensure safety in everything we do.


I feel very supported and valued with Collar. The amount of support everyone in the team provides is outstanding, even if it is something little, everyone is there for you.