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Find the right person for every role

Your people make your business

They’re your key resource, keeping your doors open and pushing you toward success. We’re here to find the right people to fill those roles, giving your organisation the workforce it needs to keep moving forward.

Find the right candidate

Recruitment Services

We go beyond traditional recruitment to deliver superior staffing solutions. Our experienced recruiters find exceptional talent that aligns with your needs, exceeding expectations.

Training Management

We value effective training for organizational success. Our tailored solutions cover various areas such as induction, compliance, IT, marketing, leadership, and more. Trust us for high-quality training programs with measurable results.

Talent Solutions

Enhancing talent acquisition in Australia. Expertise empowers capacity, agility. Skilled recruiters attract top talent, aligned with your needs. Trust Collar for a stronger team.

Consulting Solutions

Our consulting solutions drive growth by empowering data-driven decisions. Experienced consultants offer tailored recommendations for measurable results. Trust Collar for expert guidance in propelling your business forward.

Put your team in the heads of Australiasia's leading recruitment specialists


Our permanent recruitment solutions are designed to find you the top talent who can deliver long-term value to your organisation. We pride ourselves on our ability to find the perfect fit for every role by leveraging a variety of factors such as behavioural traits, characteristics, skills, and cultural fit, among others, to ensure that our clients are paired with the most suitable candidate for their needs. With our leading-edge applicant tracking technology and a database of over 1.25 million candidates, we can help you find the exact person you need to drive your business forward.


At Collar, we’re experts in delivering flexible and efficient temporary recruitment solutions that meet the dynamic needs of organisations. With our team of skilled recruiters and proven track record of managing workforces of all sizes, we offer tailored temp and contract employment solutions that provide the agility and adaptability necessary to thrive in today’s competitive market. Our approach allows our clients to quickly and seamlessly adjust the size and shape of their workforce in response to changing business needs or market demands. With Collar, you can trust that we’ll provide the top talent to fill your role, every time.

Max-term Contract

We understand that it can be hard to know when to hire permanent staff, that’s why we specialise in max term contract recruitment solutions offer our clients a flexible and effective way to manage their workforce needs over a fixed period. Whether you require support for a specific project or require additional resources to manage a seasonal peak, our experienced team of recruiters are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that address your unique needs. With our comprehensive knowledge of the market and the latest trends, we can help you identify the right candidates for your max term contract positions, enabling you to focus on your business while we handle the recruitment process.

Why choose Collar?

At Collar, we offer a unique approach to recruitment that prioritises employee well-being and focuses on quality over quantity. Our extensive database of quality candidates and hassle-free payroll services make us the top choice for employers seeking to build a happy and productive workforce.

With our team of mobilisation experts, we can even assist with the recruitment and mobilisation of hundreds of candidates at a moment's notice. Choose Collar and experience recruitment done right.

Whether you're looking for your next role or seeking top talent for your business, our team of expert recruitment consultants are here to help.

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