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At Collar, we're on a mission to be Australia's top recruitment provider. We provide executive search services, Community and Employment Services to help people find meaningful employment, and Group Training Services to train the next generation of skilled professionals.

Executive Search

Collar's executive search service identifies top senior management professionals in your industry. Finding the right elite executive professionals requires deep recruitment expertise and industry experience.

Our team has a proven track record of success and recognition as one of Australia's Top Talent Management Agencies to watch.


At Collar, we use our expertise to meticulously seek, screen, and secure the top talent in your industry, including executive boards, chairpersons, non-executive directors, and C-suite officers. Our search strategies are robust, focused, and tailored for absolute accuracy.

Unique approach

Collar's unique approach includes support throughout your recruitment, screening, negotiation, on-boarding, and retention stages. This ensures a seamless and successful placement process for both your organisation and the candidate.

Talent Pooling

we provide you with a discreet and detailed list of expertly qualified candidates who are working in the same market or industry. This service can be invaluable in filling your executive positions at short notice with high-calibre professionals who hold the expertise to fill your key management roles.

Contact Collar's executive search team to find the top senior management professionals in your industry today

Group Training Organisation

Group Training provides employers with a flexible and supportive approach to hosting apprentices while giving our apprentices the skills and experience needed to excel in their trade.

Group Training Organisation

Our mission is to become Australia's leading provider of recruitment services. To achieve this, we're committed to developing the next generation of skilled professionals through Collar apprenticeships.


Over the past decade, Collar Apprentices' leadership team has placed and supported 5,000+ apprentices and trainees across Australia. Drawing on our deep expertise in recruitment, apprenticeships, traineeships, and more, we're equipped to guide you from grassroots to your dream job. Let us provide innovative solutions for your team's workforce needs and help you reach your goals.


Amidst an unprecedented skills shortage, investing in your workforce through apprenticeships and traineeships is vital. At Collar, our apprentices and trainees have flourished, providing immense value to their host employers and becoming an essential part of our clients' futures. Join the ranks of companies benefiting from investing in their people and secure your business's success today.


At Collar, we're committed to setting our apprentices up for success, ensuring great outcomes for everyone involved. We strive to create equal opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds, regularly opening our doors to Indigenous, female, and mature-aged apprentices. Let us help you build a diverse and dynamic workforce that's primed for success.

Our apprenticeship team is our strategy to invest into our core industries, while adding real value to our host employers and industry partners present and future.

Reach out to Collar's Apprenticeship team today and discover how we can help kickstart your career or take your business to the next level

Empowering communities through employment

Our unique Community and Employment Services division at Collar helps candidates find sustainable employment and provides ongoing support.

Community & Employment Services

The purpose of our Community & Employment Services is to maintain positive relationships with employment service providers and grow our network in the community.


Collar isn't just any recruitment company - we're revolutionising the industry! Our Community and Employment Services team is committed to providing exceptional service to job seekers while expanding our reach to support candidates working with Employment Service Providers. With a focus on continuous improvement and expansion, we're excited to announce the national rollout of our ES division. Join us in redefining recruitment and achieving your career aspirations!


Collar is committed to creating sustainable employment opportunities for Indigenous communities by partnering with ES Providers. We support candidates in achieving their long-term goals by matching them with suitable employment opportunities and providing ongoing support.


Our Employment Services team has diverse expertise, from Jobactive to Disability Employment Services. We understand the needs of candidates and work closely with providers to provide expert guidance and support, helping job seekers achieve their employment goals.

Our immediate goal? Bridging the skills gap.

The Community and Employment Services Team at Collar has identified a significant shortage of Aged/Disability Care workers in the current labour market. To address this issue, our immediate goal is to connect with Aged/Disability Care providers and discuss referring candidates with the required skill set from Employment Services into these roles.

Our team will collaborate with Registered Training Organisations to assist with practical placements during the course, with the ultimate aim of helping candidates secure full-time employment with Aged/Disability Providers.

Looking for assistance with your employment journey or seeking to grow your workforce? Contact our team today

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