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At Collar Group, we are committed to being the leading provider of recruitment services in Australia. We assist our candidates in sustainable employment through our Community and Employment Services and develop the next generation of skilled professionals through our Group Training Services.

We are inspired by the potential of every individual we work with and are driven to help them realise their full potential. As a leader in our industry, we are proud to offer a complete range of services that support individuals throughout their career journey. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.


Our mission is to become Australia’s leading provider of recruitment services. To achieve this we’re committed to developing the next generation of skilled professionals through Collar Apprenticeships.
We’re committed to becoming Australia’s leading provider of apprenticeship services, creating a bright future for our apprentices & employers.
Group Training provides employers with a flexible and supportive approach to hosting apprentices while giving our apprentices the skills and experience needed to excel in their trade.
With an unprecedented skills shortage, investing in your workforce through apprenticeships and traineeships has never been more important. At Collar, we’ve seen our apprentices and trainees thrive, growing through experience while bringing tremendous value to their host employer, becoming a core part of our client’s futures.

The leadership team at Collar Apprentices has played an integral role in placing and supporting more 5000 apprentices and trainees nationally over the last 10 years. With expertise in recruitment, apprenticeships, traineeships, training, job active and white-collar sectors, our team has industry leading knowledge which allows us to manage your career from grassroots to your dream job, while packing creative solutions to your team’s workforce.


We believe in setting our apprentices up for success to achieve great outcomes for everyone. We work hard to create opportunities for people of all backgrounds, with opportunities for Indigenous, female, mature aged apprentices opened regularly.

Our Apprenticeship team is our strategy to invest into our core industries, while adding real value to our host employers and industry partners present & future.
Whether you’re looking to start your new career or are looking for the future of your business, reach out to the Collar Apprenticeship team to find out how we can help!


Our Community and Employment Services division within Collar Group is unique in how we engage with Employment Service Providers by assisting their candidates into sustainable employment. We support those candidates by maintaining contact to assist with any support they may need as they commence their journey into employment.
The purpose of our community & employment services is to positively maintain our current relationships with Employment Service Providers and continue to grow our network in the community.
We’re committed to becoming Australia’s leading recruitment company who recruits a better way! The Community and Employment Services team within Collar are not only committed to provide excellent service, but to expand by adding other opportunities to the business to reach more candidates who are with Employment Services Providers. Our team are excited to roll the ES division out nationally.
The team within the Employment Services division are all specialised, with a strong background in the Employment Services industry. Our team has worked in different areas of Employment Services from mainstream (Jobactive) to DES (Disability Employment Services), which gives us the knowledge and skills not only to work with Providers, but to understand the diversity of candidates.

We are committed to expanding our connections with Providers by reaching out to Indigenous ES Providers to assist those candidates into sustainable employment that meets their skill set. We will support and monitor each candidate so they can achieve their long-term goals.


The Community and Employment Services Team have identified the shortage of Aged/Disability Care workers in the current labour market. Our immediate goal is to connect with Aged/Disability Care providers to discuss referring candidates with current skill set from Employment Services into those roles. We will work with Registered Training Organisations by assisting with placements for the practical sections in the course, then hopefully the candidate will be fully employed by the Aged/Disability Provider.