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Our Employee Assistance Program

We prioritise the well-being of your employees and offer support for their mental health needs.

Mental Health Support

Collar is proud to introduce our wellbeing partner, Drake WellbeingHub, to offer a range of mental health and wellbeing services to all of our people.

We spend up to a third of our lives working and at times, personal and work related issues can arise, impacting our day to day lives. It’s up to us at Collar to ensure our workplaces are set up to prioritise our people’s health and wellbeing. That starts with giving all our employees and candidates free and confidential counselling services that are available 24/7.

Access the support and tools you need to manage mental health and enhance overall wellbeing.

Tailored Wellness Services

Drake WellbeingHub offers solution-focused therapy with a holistic approach, matching individuals with over 15,000 experienced clinicians who can address personal and professional problems, including those faced by the LGBTQI+ community, diverse backgrounds, and individuals experiencing family and domestic violence, disabilities, and other challenges.

Anytime, anywhere

Drake WellbeingHub provides easy access to therapy through a direct 24/7 phone line, as well as through their app or website.


Drake WellbeingHub offers completely confidential counseling services bound by the privacy act, except in cases where there is a high risk of harm to the individual or others.

We understand that a happy and healthy workforce is essential to business success.

That's why we offer the Candidate & Employee Assistance Program to provide support to both current and past candidates struggling with mental health and wellbeing. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us via our 24/7 freecall number or by downloading the Drake WellbeingHub app to start the process. Contact us if you have any questions.

Our team will collaborate with Registered Training Organisations to assist with practical placements during the course, with the ultimate aim of helping candidates secure full-time employment with Aged/Disability Providers.

Don't suffer in silence. If you or someone you know is struggling, take the first step towards getting help today. Help is just a phone call or app download away. Contact our team now to learn more about our counselling services and how we can support you.

Call 1300 135 600 or contact our team to download the app.

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